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   Message from Chair


IAMU has been active as a world-wide network among maritime universities/faculties, united by the organizational philosophy that the members shall cooperate with each other in scientific/academic studies and practical applications in the field of Maritime Education and Training.
Keeping up with the trend of globalization of maritime activities, multi-cultural crew composition and steep increase of forefront specialized ships, our members have continued to endeavor to achieve measurable and worthwhile outcome for Maritime Education and Training, through such IAMU activities as Research Oriented Project and attendance at IMO meetings as one of its NGOs.
The results of those activities are to be publicized as extensively as possible both within
and outside IAMU on a ‘Not-for-Profit’ basis, so that to contribute to the enhancement of Maritime Safety and Environment Protection in the end.
Thus, IAMU’s Annual General Assembly meeting has established itself as an authentic forum of refined technical debates and experience sharing.
Now IAMU may be wished to strengthen further communication with other international maritime institutions and agencies to have a bird’s eye view of the vast maritime community, and to identify ever more clearly critical needs of maritime industry, for generating adequate responses for those.
With The Nippon Foundation as the major financial supporter, fellow colleague institutions in maritime higher education around the world, are poised to progress without rest such further evolution of this Association.

Prof. Cornel Panait, Ph.D

Chair, IAMU