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IAMU holds a student program called "IAMUS" (International Association of Maritime University Students) every once a year in the occasion of the Annual General Assembly. It aims to provide students with an experience to aborate among students from different backgrounds, and help create an international stage for them to establish a basis for continuous academic cooperation for their future career.

The 7'th IAMUS was held at Dalian Maritime University in Dalian, China, 16-18 October, 2006. 18 students from 12 maritime iversities of eight countries participated and enjoyed most fruitful presentations and discussions over the three days. Student Program Report from Mr. Kevin Cai, student representative. [Student Presentations] [Student Program] [List of Participants]

11 students from 11 members institutions participated in the 6th IAMUS held at the World Maritime University in 2006. They actively worked on research and presentations which resulted in an in-depth academic discussion on the final day. [Participants list]

For the 5th IAMUS held at Australian Maritime College in 2005, about 20 students participated and collaborated on such activities as research presentation, debate on maritime issues, and more.

For the 4th IAMUS, 66 students from 25 member institutions got together at Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport and participated in various joint activities including on-board training on "Aida IV".

Student Presentations

Liquefied Natural Gas: Fueling the Future
Examination of energy properties of ship waves
Invasive Aquatic Species and International Ballast Water Management
Container Security An International Dilemma
An Analysis of The Factors That Affect The Cycle-Time of a Quayside Gantry Crane In Container Terminals
Marine Systems Engineering
Immediate Countermeasure Simulation Supporting by Ships at Disasters
Introduction of University of Transport in HO CHI MINH CITY
Icebreaking in Finland : Lifeline for seaborne transport
The great navigator Zheng He
My experience as an exchange student
The “Golden Apple Apple” of the maritime industry
People's Republic of China
Student Program
Student Program Report
Student Program
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